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Spooky Places To Visit In Columbia, South Carolina 29201

If you are looking for some of the scariest haunted places in the States, then you should visit the "Olde Foggy Bottom," which is located in Columbia, South Carolina. This is a location that has been called the original Foggy Bottom because it has a history that dates back to the Civil War. Here, there is a historic district and a museum which provide an insight into the history of the area.

The Olde Foggy Bottom includes a cemetery where some of the most famous Civil War soldiers have been buried. You can also see a memorial that is said to be the tomb of Gen. Boudinot. There are many haunted houses which take place in this area as well.

One of the spooky places to visit in Columbia, South Carolina is where two young girls were abducted from a porch swing. This is located near the Olde Foggy Bottom. This area is known for being the place where they were abducted. The area is also popular for its haunted house. If you are a ghost hunter, this place is perfect for you.

Halloween is a time when it can get very dark out and the haunted houses can be quite scary. This is a good time to visit these houses and see what is going on. A lot of people visit this area on Halloween because it is not only a place for trick or treating, but also for the Halloween Ball.

There are other spooky places to visit in Columbia, South Carolina such as the Lost Dutchman's Tunnel. The tunnel is used to transport supplies to the battleship Intrepid. When it was built, there were many different things that were built in the tunnel and this included the remains of the legendary explorer Captain James Cook.

There are plenty of places that you can visit in Columbia, South Carolina. If you are looking for some of the spookiest and scariest places in the States, then you should find it in Columbia, South Carolina.

It may not seem that it would be difficult to find haunted houses in Columbia, South Carolina, but it is quite the opposite. There are some spooky places to visit in Columbia, South Carolina for Halloween and this is why people love to visit this area during Halloween.

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